Main Objectives of the Board
  1. To propagate the life and philosophy of Dr. Regmi.
  2. To observe Dr. Dilliraman Regmi's birth anniversary.
  3. To confer on 'Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi National and International Peace Award' on National and International personalities as champions of Peace and Non-violence.
  4. To confer on 'Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi Young Scholar's Award' of IC. 5000.00 and a citation on one student of Centre for the Study of Nepal or Malviya Centre for Peace Research of Banaras Hindu University, India.
  5. To provide fellowship of Rs. 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Rupee) per year to a scholar for his/her research work on Dr. Regmi's contribution to Peace, Non-violence and the promotion of International Understanding.
  6. To organized lectures, symposiums, seminars and interaction programs on burning national issues, specially related to peace, non-violence and human values.
Other objectives
  1. To provide library services to the general public.
  2. To maintain harmonious and good relations with other libraries in the country and abroad.
  3. To collect additional books (published materials) to enrich the existing collection.
  4. To preserve the library and museum for present and future generation.
  5. To provide assistance in the development of public libraries in the country.
  6. To assist the government in increasing the literacy rate of the country.
  7. To inculcate in citizens democratic norms and values, to generate civic consciousness and to strengthen the Civil Society.
  8. To generate and expand income generating activities.
  9. To cultivate reading habit on children.
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